The UK is one of the great international gambling centres. The British public has always been tolerant. This might be cultural, but the British don’t see playing a bingo game of a Friday night or having a flutter at the races as a moral failure, unlike people of other cultures. The British consider it a bit of harmless entertainment, no harm as long as it doesn’t get out of control. Thanks to the steadying influence of the British Gambling Commission, the principle of responsible gaming finds favour. No wonder so many gambling companies are UK-based. According to reports some gambling companies are even floated on the London Stock Exchange. With the internet, everything’s gone online. Gambling is no exception. Online gambling UK is going strong. But what about live dealer casino?

Live Dealer Casino

Gambling fits in perfectly with online activity. Who doesn’t like to participate in their favourite indulgence from the comfort of their sofa, dressed in pyjamas? You get all the thrills and none of the pressures. With the transition of gambling to online space, it was presumed by many experts that while online casino was popular, live dealer casino would never make that transition successfully. How could the excitement of the card table be transmitted through a mobile? Some might have thought that live dealer casino was on the demise. Online gambling UK would consist of Random Number Generator (RNG) games and little else. But the gamers have other ideas. Live dealer Blackjack and Live Dealer Roulette are in high demand, rather than RNG games, although they, too, are popular and available.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Anyone who thought that RNG games would ultimately dominate online gambling can think again. Live dealer casino games are the ones the gamers want. Who’d have imagined it? Given the challenges of preparing live dealer casino games to be played online, it’s quite an amazing situation. The many gaming experts who predicted a different scenario are proven wrong. The truth is, live dealer casino games are more popular than ever. Live Dealer Blackjack and Live Dealer Roulette are available not only on personal computers, but even on mobiles. And yes, some of the mobile apps are providing live dealer casino games. It could be because of more sophisticated gamimg software. But it’s probably because there’s nothing like the excitement and glamour of the ever popular live dealer casino games.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Yes, live dealer Blackjack is enduringly popular and the live casino experience is enjoyed by many on their mobiles. Isn’t it surprising? Live Dealer Roulette is another huge favourite. But how do they manage it? The games are broadcast from special studios. The broadcasts are interactive and the player can chat to the dealer. It’s similar to a real life casino experience in many ways. There are usually several cameras to provide views from different angles and while the player contacts the dealer through chat, they can hear the dealer reply. For anyone who thought live dealer Blackjack was impossible online, it may be necessary to have a rethink.

Live Dealer Roulette

If live dealer Blackjack is available, can live dealer Roulette be far behind? Never. This enduringly popular casino game is being enjoyed by a new generation in a way that was previously impossible. Many older players are also enjoying this innovation of live dealer casino. Online gambling UK’s favourite games are live dealer Roulette and live dealer Blackjack. There’s one more and that’s slots. But while slots may lend itself more easily to RNG gaming, the live casino games experience is the reward for live dealer Roulette and live dealer Blackjack.

Online Gambling UK Reinvention

Online gambling UK has clearly taken the live dealer casino games to its heart. Many players say they prefer the live dealer casino experience simply because:

  • They can be played from anywhere
  • There are great extra bonuses available

There are, however, a few detractors and whispers against say that:

  • It can be hard to get a place at a live dealer casino game because of demand
  • The games tend to move more slowly than in a real live casino. So patience is required.

Live Dealer Casino Popularity

All things considered, there’s no doubting the popularity of live dealer casino games. They are definitely here to stay and who knows what exciting innovations may evolve in the future?