Quickspin is one of the newer casino software providers. It is based in Sweden and primarily focuses on slot games. The software provider is known for producing games that are graphically appealing. They also add new features to their games frequently, and this makes the slots more interesting. Here are some of the new slot features they have introduced:

Achievements Engine

The Achievement Engine is meant to tap into the part of your brain that gets excited over rewards. It works by tracking six events in the slot games. The player gets Quickspin Tokens for these events. Some events that can trigger the rewards include the appearance of a scatter or winning with multiple wild symbols.

These achievements are offered on four different levels, and at each of these levels, players get payouts. They can then use their Quickspin Tokens to trigger the bonus features in these games. Usually, the bonus feature is some free spins or side-games.

This engine was first used on Sakura Fortune, one of the Quickspin slot games. All games that have this feature are designed with a page where players can track their achievements. In this page, players can claim their tokens and use them to trigger the bonus feature.

Achievements Races

Achievement Races were introduced to complement the Achievement Engine. With these races, players can get their Quickspin Tokens faster, and that makes the games more exciting. The feature will be used in promotional periods, and the timing of these periods is entirely up to the casinos. Within these periods, players will be able to get rewards faster by playing slot games more often. The achievements can be achieved 4 times as fast during the Achievement Races, meaning players will receive four tokens instead of one.

Hi Roller

The Hi Roller mode is meant to increase the features available in the games. Players can place bets and choose the specific features they want. Placing more bets will result in the unlocking of more features. For example, if you place a small bet, you can choose to get the Wild feature once in every five spins. Other features you can choose include getting a Wild on both spins and getting a Wild on the outer ring.

To activate the Hi Roller mode, you will have to press the Hi Roller button and select the feature you want. This feature was first used in the Joker Strike slot game.


Tournaments are some of the newest slot features from Quickspin. They were developed in partnership with Competition Labs. In these tournaments, players get points based on certain events in the slot games. Every game has 6 events that are used to offer points to players, and these are communicated to the casinos over the Quickspin API. Some of the events that can determine a player’s success include the appearance of scatter or wild symbols. The points can be tracked on the Leader’s Board.

Quickspin Challenges

This is another exciting feature in Quickspin slot games. The challenges are displayed as mini-games in the slot games. Players can complete the tasks listed in the challenges and get rewards like Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. Some challenges players can get include winning 5 times in a row or winning a certain number of Bonus Rounds. Sometimes, the challenges are set up like a separate game. For example, a player may be caught in a maze and they have to win a certain number of games in order to be freed.

New features are best experienced at new casino sites

Quickspin has grown tremendously over the past few years. The Swedish software provider has come to be known for their innovative and exciting features. They have a long list of online video slots, and more are still being developed. One of the new casino games from the company is Dwarfs Gone Wild. Like all their other slot games, this one has excellent graphics. It has a fairytale theme and is packed with features like Rolling Wilds, Throwback Wilds, Free Wilds and the Win Multiplier. It also has a special Magic Mirror feature. This feature is triggered when the Magic Mirror symbol lands on reel 3. When this happens, an image of Snow White will appear, and the player will get 300 Snow White Symbols, in addition to two re-spins. You can play these games on most UK casino sites, this list is a good starting point if you are looking for a new casino site to try out the new slot features on!